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History Château Neercanne

History Château Neercanne

Baron Daniël Wolf van Dopff, the Military Governor of Maastricht, originally built Château Neercanne in 1698. He used the castle as his country estate, regularly throwing fabulous receptions and feasts and it is believed that Tsar Peter the Great personally visited in 1717.

In 1747 Prince Karl August Friedrich of Waldeck, the Commander-in-Chief of the Dutch Army took up residence. A century later, it was owned by Baron de Cler and later inherited by Ignatius de Thier, who lobbied for the castle to remain Dutch territory when the borders were under discussion.

The last noble figure to own the property was the great granddaughter of Thier, Louise Euphrasine Maria Poswick, who sold the castle to Stichting Limburgs Landschap (The Limburg Landscape Foundation) in 1947. Having become dilapidated, it was restored and rented out to Brand Brewery Wijlre from 1955 where the first restaurant was established.

Camille Oostwegel took over the running of Château Neercanne in 1984 and has since undertaken a sensitive renovation of three of the four castle terraces, which now have UNESCO status. Its status as one of the best restaurants in The Netherlands was reinforced on 9 December 1991 when Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands held a celebratory lunch for government leaders from the European Union.

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