Wine Dinner with vineyard St. Martinus

Enjoy a delightful wine dinner

Enjoy the exclusive wines of vineyard St. Martinus during a wine tasting and a gastronomic 4 course dinner. Toast together to a tasty evening in the caves of Château Neercanne.

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Von Dopfflaan 10
6213 NG Maastricht
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)43 325 1359

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Friday 3 February

The taste of Château Neercanne and Vineyard St. Martinus come together during the wine tasting and dinner on Friday 3 February. Discover our exclusive, small-scale produced wines during the wine tasting together with Stan Beurskens. Then enjoy a culinary 4 course dinner, which complements the tasty wines, in the château’s caves.

The price is €125 per person, all-in

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