Corporate responsibility

20% reduction by 2026

The world is dynamic and ever evolving, meaning that people have far more connectivity and opportunity to travel. Such change challenges the existing ecosystem which can be considered threatening, but which we see as a call to action.

We have set a 10-year goal, so that by 2026 we will have decreased our usage in the following categories:

  • 20% less water usage*
  • 20% less electricity usage*
  • 20% less gas usage*

 (*based on benchmark figures from 2011).

In order to reach these ambitious goals we are taking a holistic approach, in three areas:

  • Basic initiatives
  • Investments
  • Innovations

One example where we have already initiated sustainable working is in the construction and renovation of the new St. Gerlach Pavilion & Manor Farm. In this instance sustainable construction refers to the materials used in the building work, such as blue stone, lork wood and FSC certified wood.

Innovative solutions have been installed to reduce energy usage through geothermal heating and cooling, 100 metres underground. In addition the heat released by cool compressors will be reused for water and central heating. Additionally, LED lighting, insulated glazing and high performance floor and ceiling insulation will be installed.