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K+K Das Phantom

K + K Das Phantom

Weingut K + K Kirnbauer is located in Mittelburgenland in the village of Deutschkreutz. 40 km south of Vienna. The company of Walter and Irmgard Kirnbauer is located on the Rotweinweg!!!
In Austria is 75% white and only 25% red produced. But Kirnbauer is famous for the red wines. Mittelburgenland is also called Blaufränkischland. Walter also combines French with Austrian grape varieties, the consequence: cuvées of world class!! 
Das Phantom is the flagship and found in every toprestaurant in Austria.

Falstaff, the wine-rating Journal of Austria, regularly gives 90 + points for the wines of Kirnbauer. The 35 Ha vineyards, grapes, hand-picked for ca 200,000 bottles of wine. Most wines are Barrique wines and mature in oak barrels. 
Das Phantom is also in large bottles, up to 18 litres, to obtain.
Kirnbauer is the initiator for the creation of Vitikult, an Association of top wine makers in Mittelburgenland, which of the Blaufränkisch grape wine making according to strict rules and traditions.
Walter is President of Mittelburgenland DAC, the organization which is responsible for the quality of the wines from this area.

The absolute top of Austria can easily be compared to Bordeaux Grand cru or Super Tuscan wines. The first time don't believe you that this wine comes from Austria!!
The composition of 43% Blaufränkisch, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot and Franc + 12% Syrah make this wine so special. This blend is 15 months to a maturation on Oakwood barrels and results in and dark Ruby red colour. 
In the aroma and the flavor profile come e.g. blueberries, cranberries, cherries, herbs and tobacco, toasted aromas and a hint of vanilla. The extra soft tannins, the beautiful structure and long finish assure for the complete experience.