Menno Bannier new chef de cuisine Kruisheren restaurant

Menno Bannier new chef de cuisine of the Kruisheren restaurant

Menno Bannier was appointed as the new chef de cuisine of the Kruisherenrestaurant on 1 July. Menno already worked as a sous-chef at the Kruisherenrestaurant, but has now moved on to the position of chef de cuisine.

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Kruisherengang 19/23
6211 NW Maastricht
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)43 329 2020

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Menno: “I am a true optimist. If you enjoy life, you are bursting with energy and that energy ensures that you can do cool things. That is why having fun, and creating fun memories, is my passion. This characteristic is also important to me in my work and gives me culinary creativity.”

Menno is 33 years old and lives with his girlfriend, daughter of 4 and son of almost 2 years old in Eijsden where he was born and raised. A true Limburger!
He finds the right balance between relaxation and relaxation very important, because in this way he stays energetic, which benefits his creativity. “You can affect and convince me when the total picture that is good. I can enjoy eating at all eating levels, as long as everything fits together. ”

At a young age Menno started as a dishwasher in a small restaurant in Eijsden. He soon discovered that the kitchen was increasingly arousing his interest. His chef saw this and let him help more and more. This led to the start of the BBL chef’s training. As a student he worked in restaurant Manjefiek, the Kruisherenrestaurant and restaurant De Roerganger. At De Roerganger he continued to work after his internship and became sous chef. Because of the confidence of the chef, but certainly also his knowledge and experience, Menno is now the cook he wants to be. After having worked for two years at the Geulhemermolen, he was asked to return to the Kruisheren restaurant. He didn’t take long to consider this.

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