Oostwegel Collection recycle staff uniforms

Oostwegel Collection recycle staff uniforms

600 kg of clothing

Old staff uniforms often end up as part of landfill or get thrown into a waste incinerator, but not at Oostwegel Collection. This week employees handed in 600kg of staff clothing, including trousers, shirts, jackets, waistcoats, skirts and ties.

Recycling staff uniforms

Staff at the four luxury Oostwegel Collection properties were all fitted out in new uniforms. Rather than add to landfill, we partnered with Pōur Product to recycle the garments into items of daily use, such as, tote bags and backpacks. Camille Oostwegel jr., Director Business Development, stated: “Sustainability is an important part of our company’s culture and this initiative fits perfectly within our sustainability strategy, ‘Together we shape the future’. The bright idea came from my sister Françoise, who is friends with the owner of a company focused on recycling old clothing.”

Staff uniforms transform into Christmas presents

Designer Julie van den Boorn of Pōur Product, alongside Françoise Oostwegel have put their creative talents together to design a special Christmas present for staff members – another perfect example that embodies the circle of an items life. Julie van den Boorn, the inspirational force behind, said “It’s fantastic to see an organization, with pure core values, partner with us to connect design with sustainable materials.”

“We are delighted to have found a worthy purpose for our old staff uniforms where we are contributing to creativity, conservation and social awareness and ultimately ensuring landfill does not increase,” commented Camille Oostwegel jr.

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