Château St. Gerlach’s silver anniversary

Château St. Gerlach’s silver anniversary

This year Château St. Gerlach is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Since opening in 1997, this magical estate has always provided special moments. A landmark of impressive beauty and grandeur that is full of memories, it marks its silver jubilee, through a host of activities organised for guests and local residents.

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Château St. Gerlach at 25 years

On 15 September 2022, Château St. Gerlach will reach its 25th year. An estate that is filled with memories and history, it has always maintained a forward-thinking mentality. Both restaurants serve local and artisanal produce from its homegrown vegetable garden, WIJland, maintained with the support of local residents.

Floris Kemper, General Manager of Château St. Gerlach commented: “For 25 years, the team at Château St Gerlach has been committed to creating unique memories. In a quarter of a century, the estate and surrounding landscape have become a natural destination for guests who want to switch off and find inspiration.
We look back gratefully on the amazing developments and beautiful connections that have evolved, and to guests, our staff and locals who have contributed to the growth of this special place. Now and in the future, sustainability, nature, art and culture remain key concepts in the estate’s evolution and will endure for the next 25 years and beyond. By continuously developing, Château St. Gerlach will go on surprising visitors and exceeding their expectations.”

For 25 years, Château St. Gerlach has been a place where entrepreneurship, craftsmanship and inspiration connect. A lot has happened over the years, from hosting the NATO World Congress to the visit by President G W Bush, as well as many other unique moments. The estate itself has had its own evolution with the addition of the St Gerlach Pavilion, Castle Farm and WIJland. It has provided consistency throughout the years and we are honoured to continue such a rewarding and responsible task to ensure the estates’ future over the next quarter of a century,” explained Camille Oostwegel, Owner & Managing Director of Oostwegal Collection.

Jubilee Activities

This month a wide range of anniversary activities have been organised on the estate.
During our jubilee, Chef Jef Schuur of Relais & Châteaux Hotel and Restaurant Bij Jef, and Chef de Cuisine, Guido Le Bron de Vexela, who oversees restaurant, Les Salons, will collaborate to host a dinner. Additionally, guests can book an anniversary package and enjoy a menu based on Les Salons’ 1997 opening menu.

Guests can also meet artists in the sculpture garden as they showcase their individual artistic processes. There’s also the Cross-the-Line panel hosted by Lex Uiting taking place, a collaboration with WIJland’s vegetable garden and Maas Clean-up Day to free Geul from waste. Guests have the opportunity, to not only enjoy the serene landscape of the château but connect and contribute to the magic of the estate and help in its future preservation for generations to come. View all anniversary activities here:

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