Bespoke Meetings

Bespoke Meetings

A successful meeting requires more than an inspiring environment and a warm welcome. Bespoke Meetings is our new, innovative way of meeting.

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A successful meeting goes beyond an inspiring environment and great service. With this in mind, Oostwegel Collection have created Bespoke Meetings – an inventive new way of gathering together for business and maximising the valuable input of each and every attendee. Turning the classic, corporate approach on its head, Bespoke Meetings encourages the optimum mindset in a collaborative environment.

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Bespoke Meetings has been developed in partnership with innovative events agency MindMeeting. Based on six core pillars, each meeting has seven distinct elements to consider, that form the basis for a tailored format designed by specialists. Each detail reflects the purpose of the meeting, enhanced by a culinary plan curated by chefs and nutritionists, and choice settings to generate ideas and inspire interaction. From hosting a working lunch and offering a bar of dark chocolate to avoid an afternoon energy slump, to curating inspirational artworks or arranging a refreshing walk in the great outdoors, each meeting is treated as unique and managed by expert planners.

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