Hybride Meetings & Events

Hybride Meetings & Events

Whether hosting a workshop, lecture, presentation or conference, Oostwegel Collection’s new Hybrid meetings and events merge on- and offline formats. In business, the importance of being able to communicate a catchy message, highlight an interesting subject or share knowledge and inspiration is paramount. Whilst location remains a factor, the impact of coordinating attendees from all over the world is increasingly relevant. By bringing together both those onsite and further afield, Hybrid meetings and events ensures teams get to the heart of every business matter.

The ultimate fusion


Hybrid meetings and events offer:

  • An attractive space
  • Good sound
  • Exceptional lighting
  • Multiple cameras with a directing set
  • Excellent Wi-Fi or internet connection.

Location & technology

This unique concept enables business meetings and events to take place across one or more rooms, with the ability to switch between locations. Reach a wider audience with an online broadcast, either hosted on a choice of secure, password protected platforms including ZOOM, Webinar and MS Teams or via a public channel, such as Facebook Live or YouTube Live. Pre-record or stream entirely live, with speakers either onsite or based anywhere else in the world. With Hybrid meetings and events the opportunities are endless.

During the meeting, ensure an on-brand setting with a green screen creating digital wallpaper behind the speaker, whilst post-event we can offer attendees the opportunity to meet and network, whether onsite or virtually.

A new normal for meetings & events

As fewer speakers and attendees have to travel and stay overnight, Hybrid meetings and events means that overall costs are reduced, giving clients the opportunity to maximise on the virtual opportunities.

In addition, the online set up enables clients to analyse data from virtual participants, offering insights and learnings that can later be leveraged for sales and marketing.

* Oostwegel Collection are committed to ensure that design and layout is in accordance with RIVM standards. As part of these measures, every speaker is provided with an individual microphone, which is subject to rigorous checks and cleaning. ​

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