Oostwegel Collection & Michiel Borstlap

The story behind our musical journey

At Oostwegel Collection we aim to provide a seamless sensory experience for our guests that stimulate the senses. With this in mind, we chose to partner with Gallery Play Media and award-winning pianist and composer, Michiel Borstlap, so that the unique character of each property is enhanced through distinct music programming. A song for every occasion, a soundtrack for every scene.

During the Artist Residency of Michiel Borstlap, Michiel gained inspiration for a new piece of musical work. Listen below to the exclusive pre-release of his newest song ‘Water’, based on the flood during his stay in the Maastricht region.

Water - Michiel Bortslap

Gallery Play Media

Michiel Borstlap, owner and Artist Director of Gallery Play Media, has curated the musical experience for each of our Oostwegel Collection properties.
Renowned for playing with the most celebrated and talented in the world, he draws inspiration and creativity from his worldwide experience. Projects range from the opera he wrote for Emir of Qatar and writing books, such as his latest release: The Piano Collection, through to the music he composes for ballet and film productions, a sound sculpture for a museum and atmospheric playlists compiled for hotels, restaurants and shops.
We are taking this collaboration and elevating it to bring his musical art live to our properties, creating an innovative and sensory connection.

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