Unique decorative Christmas cloud wreath

Unique decorative Christmas cloud wreath

A natural festive wreath that floats above the dinner table

Enjoy long lingering dinners with loved ones full of good conversation, under an artfully designed cloud wreath made using natural elements of branches and leaves. Bring the outside into your home with a touch of festive beauty and vibrant colour that Babette guarantees will create an exciting talking point for all dining companions.


  • Chicken wire mesh, approximately 1m
  • Two blocks Oasis
  • Winding wire


  • Five stems coloured Pampas grass
  • Four dried Phoenix leaves
  • Two black Cordyline leaves
  • Two bunches wine-red Eucalyptus
  • Two forest gold Eucalyptus
  • One bunch copper Ruscus
  • Five branches bordeaux Ruscus
  • Three pieces copper Leather
  • Three branches gold Grevillea
  • Five branches bronze Asparagus
  • One forest pinus
  • One bunch bordeaux Ornamental Grass

The above materials can be ordered from various flower shops or wholesalers, where branches can be purchased in the colours indicated. If you have collected some of the elements from your own garden or bought them in their natural form, then get creative with coloured spray paints and cover the dry branches prior to making the wreath.


1. Firstly, sort the branches and materials.

2. Place the oasis blocks on the piece of chicken wire and pack them as if they were a present, by bending the wire around them.

3. Cut the chicken wire open in the middle, randomly, in order to connect the wires together and close the ‘gift’.

4. Although fresh, the branches do not need to sit in wet oasis. To avoid making the wreath overly heavy, avoid using wet materials

5. Use the winding wire to make two or three wires that will be used to hang the object from the ceiling. Make sure there is enough length so that you can ensure the correct hanging height.

6. In order to work easily and get a sense of how the wreath looks as it is formed, suspend it on a clothes or laundry rack so that you can see the overall design better.

7. Start by inserting the materials one-by-one into the oasis paying attention to the shape of the table where it will be hanging. Follow the lines of the table, for example, if it is oval, use that as your guide. Be creative and simply start by inserting the branches in random parts of the oasis.

8. Occasionally view the design from a distance and work out if the proportions are developing as planned. Are there areas that need more filling? Also make sure that there is variety in the way the branches and colours are distributed. Check the design from all angles.

9. When the wreath is satisfyingly full and is hung, make sure that it is positioned high enough and does not obscure anyone’s view when sitting down to dinner.

Merry Christmas!
Babette Kessels

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