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Sustainability at Oostwegel Collection

A sustainable future

Sustainability and mindful business are an important part of our initiatives, overall strategy and corporate culture. We believe that by working together we can ensure a truly sustainable future. As a family business our focus is to lead by example and have highlighted, below, some of the initiatives we are devoted to.

World Environmental Day: Leve de Jeker

Leve de Jeker is an enterprise that connects the Dutch and Belgian communities in the Jeker Valley. Through a shared vision for the future, we strive for cross-border co-operation between all stakeholders in the Jeker Valley, focusing on three pillars:  ecology, economy and social welfare. As a community, we seek to inspire and learn from each other as we collectively strive for the best possible outcomes and make decisions that benefit both the present and the future for our beautiful environment. In this way, we embrace our responsibility towards the next generation as guardians of our environment.


International Day for Biological Diversity

We celebrated International Day for Biological Diversity at Château St Gerlach through our commitment to preserve and nurture natural wealth – part of this year’s ‘build back biodiversity’ theme. Our gardens, lovingly tended by our dedicated team and volunteers, are a haven for biodiversity. We offer both our guests and staff the opportunity to join a team of volunteers in making a difference, every Wednesday.

To sign up email: info@oostwegelcollection.nl.


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World Ocean Day

At Oostwegel Collection, we are particularly devoted to marine survival and this year’s World Ocean Day focus – ‘the tide is changing, it’s time to put the ocean first’.  We understand the crucial role our oceans play in sustaining life on earth and recognise the urgent need to protect them. We believe that every step, however small, contributes to the collective effort to protect our precious oceans. We invite you to join us in this important mission. Let’s strengthen our voice and spread awareness about the threats to our oceans.

Together, we can make a difference!

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