Best Price Guarantee

Guaranteed Best Price by booking via our website

Book via our website and you’ll benefit from:

  • guaranteed best available room rates
  • no reservation or administration fees
  • secure reservations platform
  • easy online reservation updates/cancellation
  • direct payment using IDEAL or credit card

What Guaranteed Best Price means for guests

If one of our hotels is advertised at a lower price, with the same terms and conditions, on another public website we will not only match the price, but offer you an additional 10% off the stated rate.

How Guaranteed Best Price works

Search for the most competitive prices on to book your reservation

Compare this price on another website offering Oostwegel Collection properties

If you find a cheaper option, print screen so that you have a copy of the preferred rate.

Call the chosen hotel and share the website details so that a member of staff can verify the offer and confirm that it is indeed more competitive. They will then book your reservation for the lower price, with 10% discount.

Terms and conditions for Guaranteed Best Price

  • You must have made a confirmed reservation at one of the Oostwegel Collection.
  • The price found on the other website must satisfy the same terms and conditions.
  • These terms and conditions are understood to mean the equivalent:

            - hotel
            - reservation time
            - room type
            - arrival and departure dates 
            - reservation, cancellation and payment conditions 
            - number of people 
            - number of rooms 
            - package details 
            - currency

  • The price must be available to the public and must be verified by the staff at the Oostwegel Collection

Guaranteed Best Price does not apply to:

  • Unpublished, negotiated Oostwegel Collection agreements with business, travel agents, groups or other agreements that Oostwegel Collection has made with a specific party and which are not available to the public
  • Offline rates
  • Reservations during conferences and events
  • Rate variations caused by differences in rounding off amounts, fluctuations and/or differences in the exchange rate
  • Compound prices that also include taxes, meals, valet parking services, service charges or other services
  • Websites that sell package holidays, including such things as air travel tickets, car hire, entertainment, etc
  • Auction sites such as Priceline and Hotwire where the hotel chain or the specific hotel is not revealed until the reservation is confirmed. 
  • Oostwegel Collection is not liable for fines or other expenses that may result from cancelling reservations or mistakes in publication prices by third parties. Nor is the company responsible for differences that third parties publish in rounding off prices.

Oostwegel Collection reserves the right to change or retract this guarantee at all times without reason.