Kneipp treatments

Experience the therapeutic benefits of Kneipp

"Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health" (Sebastian Kneipp, founder).

The only dedicated Kneipp spa in the Benelux, Spa & Wellness St. Gerlach offers an inspiring menu of specialist treatments based on Kneipp’s natural philosophy. Known to boost circulation and relax muscles, water therapies are based on the alternate application of hot and cold water and can be combined with a heated herbal pack treatment to warm and energise the body.

Kneipp Treatments
Water treatment with alternating foot or arm baths (30 minutes) €45
Water treatment with herbal pack (45 minutes) €49

Water treatment with alternating foot or arm baths &
herbal pack (60 minutes)

Herbal pack with back, neck & shoulder massage (60 minutes)  €89

Prices are per person and valid until December 2017.

Day spa guests have access to the swimming pool, sauna and Turkish bath for an hour. Hotel guests have full daily access to spa facilities.