Château Neercanne x Zuyd Craft 

d’artagnan bière du brut 

Château Neercanne is known for their distinguished culinary experiences. Zuyd Craft, a young, progressive brewery from Maastricht is known for producing surprising, experimental beers.

Our shared passion for sustainability, innovation and craftsmanship came together to launch D’Artagnan Bière du Brut, a beer made for the adventurers among us. This daring and original beer is brewed with pure, local ingredients and Champagne yeast.

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The Netherlands

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The famous Musketeer of the French Royal Guard, named D’Artagnan, was the source of inspiration for this collaboration. In 1673 Château Neercanne was most likely a Hospice for the French Royal Guard during the Siege of Maastricht. Legend has it that D’Artagnan was killed at the Tongeren gate, a stone’s throw from the current location of Zuyd Craft. Our new beer ‘D’Artganan’ is a tribute to this famous musketeer.

D’Artagnan Bière du Brut matures in the caves of Château Neercanne, developing floral notes, spices and sweet honey, which enhances the beer’s flavours with age.  This limited-edition beer is available to guests Château Neercanne from August 20.

L’Auberge de Neercanne will also host D’Artagnan Beer Lunches on 24 and 31 August.

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