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‘To live is a favor, to know how is an art.’ - Toon Hermans

Besides making good coffee, we also have a big passion for art. Artwork exclusively from the province of Limburg is what we present. The greatest pieces of different art movements you can find at our coffeehouse. That little moment of happiness, enjoying a cup of coffee, a delicious lunch and in the corner of your eye a selection of exceptional pieces of art.

Feel welcome and discover it yourself.


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Exhibition Jo Havenith 1 October - 31 December 2021

Jo Havenith aims to immerse you into an atmosphere of diverse expressions of drawing and painting. Showing speed alongside calmness in movements during the process of his exhibited artworks. Jo Havenith gets inspired by his travels to Tuscany, studies of the Italian Renaissance and his love for the Limburgian landscape. During his artistic quest, it became clear to Havenith that the application and processing of materials for the purpose of imagination is infinite. The continuous processing of various materials is the core of his artwork to Havenith.

By merging a natural, figurative style of art expression with a more interpretive, abstracted working method, Havenith tries to get closest to the truth of a work of art. This is reflected in the alternations between strong use of colour, spontaneous lines and busy eccentric or geometric compositions.

The exhibition of Jo Havenith at our manor farm, consists of 12 paintings on canvas, 7 works behind glass with different drawing techniques, some frescoes on panels and 2 stained glass plates to reflect the breadth of Havenith’s talent on various works of art.

This exhibition takes you on a journey of passion for Tuscany, Limburg nature and the human movements within.

previous exhibitions in Burgemeester Quicx:

Exhibition Claudia Volders 10 May - 3 September 2021

Claudia Volders draws inspiration for her work from the world of science. When creating her pieces, she attempts to get as close to the essence of this subject matter as possible. It involves talking with historians, philosophers, cardiologists, and genealogists, all of which help to add a valid dimension to her designs.

Her work is exhibited in a variety of locations as individual elements, including sketches (material) experiments, drawings and paintings, as well as finished pieces. “I make encounters visual. I am convinced that the whole process makes more impact than just the ‘finished’ painting.”

Installed at our estate castle, the exhibition consists of a series of paintings in a range of sizes, style and technique. The themes and forms create a fluid connection, from recurring visuals of flowers, temple floor plans and Indian ornaments.

Volder focuses on the movements she makes in her studio, and these determine her body of work. ‘Meander’ is one such technique that has symbolic value, not only for the freedom of movement, but as a homage to the colours and curved lines created by the River Geul, with its natural bends and forms that shape the Limburg landscape.
The exhibition takes you on her quest for connection, intuition, science, nature, new worlds and ancient civilisations.

2 March - 29 May 2020: Sidi El Karchi exhibition

A unique fusion of art, human emotion and an exceptional visual talent: obtrusive, psychological portraits, by Sidi El Karchi. El Karchi creates an impressive combination in his works of art, using varying materials to create the perfect composition and ultimate balance for the eye. His work has been showcased at contemporary museums such as White Box Gallery in New York and the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht.
Come face to face with El Karchi’s portraits and discover his stories, on display now at Burgemeester Quicx.

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