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Château Neercanne
Von Dopfflaan 10
6213 NG Maastricht
The Netherlands


tel. +31 (0)43 325 1359

Cultural Heritage

Discover our rich history

A unique cultural landmark, Château St. Gerlach’s fascinating legacy contributes to its multidimensional modern appeal. An enriching addition to any meeting or event, our complimentary cultural experience is thoughtfully crafted to engage curiosity and ignite imagination.

Delve into the past

Guided by our expert team, our Château history tour is a journey through this important landmark’s colorful story. Wander through historic buildings, including the original estate farmhouse, convent and grain lofts and discover how original features and cultural heritage played a vital role in the evolving story of our country estate.

Add enriching value

Oostwegel Collection’s commitment to enhancing every moment with meaningful luxury is reflected in our curated collection of sensory experiences. From private painting classes to garden dinners, we can introduce you to a host of invigorating extras.