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Château Neercanne
Von Dopfflaan 10
6213 NG Maastricht
The Netherlands


tel. +31 (0)43 325 1359

Mindful Moments

Connect with nature

We value the importance of daily balance and strive to create an inspiring environment for our guests. With this in mind, our country estate offers a range of complimentary wellbeing experiences, designed to engage, motivate and inform.

Outdoor yoga

Enjoy a team building exercise that leaves participants feeling inspired and productive. Located in our stunning estate grounds, our instructor-led yoga classes offer the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and find balance outside the meeting room.

Mindful movement

Positioned within the diverse landscape of the Ingendael nature reserve, Château St. Gerlach is the ideal place to engage with nature and enhance personal wellbeing. Our mindfulness activities range from guided walks to meditation sessions, all aimed to boost energy, reduce stress and promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Add enriching value

Oostwegel Collection’s commitment to enhancing every moment with meaningful luxury is reflected in our curated collection of sensory experiences. From private painting classes to garden dinners, we can introduce you to a host of invigorating extras.