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Bart Vos designs interior of expansion Kruisherenhotel Maastricht

A valuable partnership

Bart Vos of VOS Studio will design the interior of the expansion of the Kruisherenhotel Maastricht, part of Oostwegel Collection. The hotel is expanding with 52 hotel rooms, a high-quality restaurant and a multifunctional space for exhibitions and meetings. The adjacent national monument ‘Sociëteit de Stuers’ has been purchased for this purpose. The interior architect from Groningen is responsible for the creative interpretation of the interior with a focus on the cohesion between the existing hotel in the monumental monastery and the new section, with an eye for design, detail and color.

past, present and the future

The collaboration between Bart Vos and Oostwegel Collection goes back many years. His father, Henk Vos, was responsible for the interior at the Kruisherenhotel 20 years ago. Also in 2012, Bart Vos redesigned the Italian restaurant Pirandello at Winselerhof. The architect is known for his timeless and practical designs, with an appreciation for history and heritage. He will ensure that with his designs, the current section, a 15th-century monastery, and the new section will feel like one hotel.

“The DNA of the current Kruisherenhotel must be felt in the expansion,” Bart Vos explains his approach. “The new part is obviously going to look different, but it should still be recognizable as the Kruisherenhotel.” The architect’s designs are functional translations, for which Bart Vos puts himself in the shoes of the hotel guests. “How do they move through the hotel? I work based on the function of a space, but also with color. As a result, the spaces have a certain atmosphere.” The architect works with Studio Rens in Eindhoven for this purpose.

Family history

Camille Oostwegel, owner and managing director of Oostwegel Collection, is delighted with the partnership. “My father made the bold decision 20 years ago for the Kruisherenhotel to move from a classic environment to a contemporary interior. Henk Vos was the perfect partner for this at the time, and I am proud that we are continuing this line with a new generation. Surely that is unique.” At the time, Bart Vos assisted his father with the interior design for the five-star hotel. He explains, “From there, a beautiful bond developed between our families. There is mutual respect and admiration, the ideal basis for good cooperation. Moreover, we find each other in the appreciation of heritage, and it is an honor that, following in my father’s footsteps, I may now design the expansion of this beautiful hotel. On the one hand, the designs stand the test of time, and on the other, we take risks in which we always try to surprise. Together we are not going to rewrite history, we are going to make history!”

Cultural-historical center in Maastricht
With its expansion, the Kruisherenhotel is set to become a unique part of the city of Maastricht, attracting people from all over the world, while also being a place that locals from Maastricht enjoy visiting. Furthermore, with the expansion, the hotel will offer an even higher level of luxury and comfort. “Bart Vos shares our great ambitions for the Kruisherenhotel, and we inspire each other to strive for the best,” Camille Oostwegel concludes.