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Oostwegel Collection launches new magazine, Collection

Oostwegel Collection launches new magazine, Collection

This May, Oostwegel Collection presents the premier edition of its annual publication, Collection. A creative-led editorial venture that offers readers compelling stories that are both inspirational and aspirational. This new in-house magazine includes, the latest insights, some shared secrets and a host of interesting discoveries. It will surprise and seduce, as readers are transported to a world of authentic luxury, relaxation and enjoyment.

Collection ’22 invites readers to live in the moment and enjoy the distinct sounds and flavours of the beautiful South Limburg landscape. Embark on a literary journey throughout the region and meet the team behind the Oostwegel Collection properties. Discover the signature style that is found in every encounter, from the meal on each plate to the well-tended flowers in the gardens. The magazine introduces the reader to a diverse range of articles, outlining the ambitions of Oostwegel Collection and local talent.

“We are thrilled to launch Collection across our properties. This milestone is symbolic of our rich legacy and bright future, as it marks the next step in our long-term strategy to further our brand story. It feels fitting that it is called, Collection, as our family business has been crafting a collection of inspiring experiences for over 40 years,” said Meredith Stark-Oostwegel, Director of Brand & Marketing at Oostwegel Collection. “The pages of Collection, both online and offline, offer readers engaging content inspired by our values. We are excited to strengthen the connection between Oostwegel Collection and our guests through authentic stories and memorable experiences.”

With Collection, the company is heading in a new direction. The magazine will be published annually and this year has a circulation of 25,000 copies, accompanied by a digital edition. This online version expands the offering, providing interviews, behind-the-scenes insights, recipes, background stories and upcoming events, alongside exceptional places to visit and unique gastronomic experiences.

The magazine is available in all Oostwegel Collection properties. This first edition includes interviews with government architect, Francesco Veenstra, local designers, such as Valentin Loellmann, Camille’s review of his inspirational gastronomic road trip, a column by Humberto Tan and more.

In recognition of the fact that Oostwegel Collection guests come from all over the world. Collection will be published in English.

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