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Oostwegel Collection start restoration Château Neercanne

Oostwegel Collection starts restoration of Château Neercanne

Conservation work of Château Neercanne began today during a festive gathering. Geert Gabriëls, member of the Provincial Executive of Limburg, gave the symbolic starting signal by unveiling a new engraved slate. With this, Château Neercanne begins major maintenance of the slate roofs of both the castle itself and the gatehouse. There will also be a new kitchen for lunch restaurant l’Auberge. The work is expected to be completed in February 2024. Château Neercanne will remain open as usual during the restoration, guests will notice little to nothing of the work.

The Beginning

The first phase of the renovation consists of conservation work on the slate roof of the gatehouse. Camille Oostwegel, owner and general manager of Oostwegel Collection, is delighted that Gabriëls gave the starting signal. “Mr. Gabriëlsworks as Commissioner for Nature, Environment, Nitrogen and Heritage for the Province of Limburg and we are proud that he unveiled the first, engraved, slate. That is of great symbolic value to us, and we are happy to start the work.’’


Château Neercanne was last renovated between 1950 and 1955. Camille Oostwegel says: “It’s a beautiful monument that we take good care of, with great respect for the historical heritage. A restoration is necessary to make Château Neercanne future-proof. With the renovation, we are also making an enormous sustainability effort. After therenovation, we expect to be able to offer an even higher level of hospitality.”

In addition to the fact that the roofs were in need of renovation, the lunch restaurant l’Auberge is also being upgraded immediately. “We’re making the kitchen more sustainable and taking it off gas, but it will also be completely renewed with the most modern kitchen equipment. During the renovation, the restaurant will temporarily move to the caves near the Château. So our guests can continue to enjoy our restaurant l’Auberge,” Camille Oostwegel explains.

Guests will hardly notice the construction work

The first phase of the conservation work is expected to be completed by the end of summer 2023. After that, Oostwegel Collection will continue with the slate roof of the Château itself. “Our guests won’t notice any of the work at all, there is no scaffolding to be seen on the Château terrace during the summer. Only at the end of the year will we move scaffolding to the front of the Château, which will be visible there for a short time until the renovation is completed in February 2024. We are looking forward to making Château Neercanne a sustainable, future-proof castle where our guests can fully enjoy all the beauty it has to offer.”