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Oostwegel Collection & Wijngaard St. Martinus announce exclusive partnership

Oostwegel Collection & Wijngaard St. Martinus announce exclusive partnership

Oostwegel Collection has agreed a long-term partnership with the famous Limburgian wine estate, St. Martinus. Oenologist, Stan Beurskens and his team, have produced seven unique signature wines for Oostwegel Collection. From today, all these new wines will be available exclusively at our hotels and restaurants.

Our flavourful Limburgian wines have been curated in collaboration with sommeliers, chefs and friends of Oostwegel Collection, while the grapes from the Chateau St. Gerlach vineyard, called ‘WIJland’, have been used to create each wine.

The vineyard at the ‘WIJland’ covers 3.5 hectares and can be viewed from a new wooden lookout tower, giving breath taking views across the land, the herb and vegetable garden and Geul Valley.

All wines are sustainably produced and have been divided into three categories: The first category, ‘WIJn 265’, consists of white, red and rosé varieties. The wines in this category have a slightly lighter flavour profile. The second category is called ‘Hommage’, and consists of a white and a red wine. These wines are fuller bodied due to the oak barrel aging. As an homage to the parents of owner and managing director Camille Oostwegel, the white wine is named after Judith and the red wine after Camille Sr. The third and last category has been named ‘Mosaïc’ and includes two sparkling wines, made according traditional methods. Françoise Oostwegel designed all the wine labels.

Camille Oostwegel says about the partnership: “We are very thrilled to partner with Stan Beurskens and his team. Both companies have craftsmanship and sustainability as part of their core values. With this collaboration we really offer a differentiated choice of wines for our guests. As well as the new offering we also significantly reduce our carbon footprint. In total we are talking about 20,000 bottles of house wine that will no longer have to be transported from France and Italy to Limburg.”

Stan Beurskens added: “This partnership feels very natural. For us it is an opportunity to scale up our craftsmanship and force of innovation since we can produce additional wines from the added plots at the ‘WIJland’. We are looking forward to working with Camille’s team to keep advancing the wines and also to give the guests at Oostwegel Collection unforgettable memories, in the hotels and restaurants, as well as, at our wine estate in Vijlen.”

The partnership not only brings a great new selection of wines to the hotels and restaurants and strengthens the gastronomic ambitions set by Oostwegel Collection, but later this year guests in the four properties will be able to learn more about the wines through a variety of wine flights, tours and tastings.