Festive Christmas wreath

Festive Christmas wreath

Modern with a natural and sparkling twist

The classic wreath has long been associated with all things Christmas. Giving this traditional favourite a modern twist, Babette has reimagined the look using metallic sprayed branches, beautiful warm colours and special natural materials. A truly standout wreath, this unique design combines a minimalist approach with the festive touch of shiny branches and striking colours. Set to be your home’s most eye-catching Christmas feature, feel free to go as abundant or scaled-back as you desire.


  • One large iron ring, 80cm diameter
  • One roll of bronze wrapping wire
  • Velvet ribbon
  • All-purpose cutters (required for both wire and branch cutting)


  • One bunch gold Eucalyptus
  • One bunch wine-red Eucalyptus (dried)
  • Three branches bronze Asparagus
  • Three branches gold Grevilllea
  • One bunch copper Ruscus
  • Three branches bordeaux Ruscus
  • Two bunches pink Skimmia
  • One bunch Pinus
  • One bunch bordeaux ornamental grass

The above materials can be ordered from various flower shops or wholesalers, where branches can be purchased in the colours indicated. If you have collected some of the elements from your own garden or bought them in their natural form, then get creative with coloured spray paints and cover the dry branches prior to making the wreath.


1. Firstly sort all branches and materials and cut them to the same length

2. Wrap the wire around the ring in order to attach the branches to the wreath

3. Take one of each branch to make a bundle, securely attach it to the ring by twisting the wire round twice

4. Repeat this process, overlapping bunches until the arch is as full as desired

5. If you want the wreath free hanging, take care to attach the bundle around both sides of the ring so that the foliage looks attractive from all angles. If you plan to hang the wreath against a wall or door, it is fine to have a ‘back’ with the branches only showing around the ring on one side.

6. To finish, cut the last added branches to the same length and wrap them securely with wire. Use the velvet ribbon to hang the wreath and also tie some around the bottom for a decorative flourish.

*Tip: Free-hanging wreaths, where both sides of the ring are covered, will require more foliage

Merry Christmas!
Babette Kessels

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