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Meet Les Salons

Feel the rich history

The restaurant Les Salons is located in the former kitchen, front room, dining saloon and library from Baron de Selys de Fanson. These have retained their original decor, adding on the chic and nostalgic atmosphere. Chef Guido and his team combine nostalgic cuisine with contemporary international cuisine using pure produce from their own garden, ‘the WIJland’ and fine products from local suppliers.

Meet Les Salons

Discover the story of Les Salons through a unique experience that takes you throughout the Château. Enjoy the exquisite cuisine and service and get to know Les Salons as a place that combines its rich history with the present.

The price is €85 per person including two appetizers, aperitif, 4-course discovery menu, water, coffee & friandises.

You can reserve the ‘Meet Les Salons’ experience every day via info@stgerlach.nl or +31 43 608 88 88.