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First Candlelight concert series in Maastricht

Château Neercanne and Château St. Gerlach setting for special concerts

Following its success in more than 150 cities worldwide, Fever’s international Candlelight concert series will take place in Maastricht for the first time starting in September. The first shows will be hosted at Château Neercanne and Château St. Gerlach. The series consists of a series of special performances, starting with concerts dedicated to Queen, Vivaldi, and more. This expansion to Maastricht follows the success of the concept, which has entertained audiences in more than 150 cities worldwide, including Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and The Hague.

This series of classical concerts aims to lower the threshold to this genre, appealing to multiple demographic groups, from fans of classical music and people who do not usually listen to this genre, from Generation Z to seniors. The concerts illuminate the marl caves of Château Neercanne and the St. Gerlach Pavilion at Château St. Gerlach with thousands of candles, where the audience can fully immerse themselves in a magical, musical experience.

Ideal setting

This concept is known for taking classical music shows out of traditional music halls and concert halls and bringing them to unique, more accessible venues that are part of the city’s cultural scene. The exceptional venues of Oostwegel Collection are the ideal setting for the Candlelight concerts. The marl caves of Château Neercanne, which also house Maastricht’s most extraordinary wine cellars, are perfect for an atmospheric concert. The Pavilion at Château St. Gerlach is also a beautiful location for the concerts, offering a surprising view of the Château, the manor farm and the surrounding nature.

Cultural heritage

Camille Oostwegel, owner and Managing Director of Oostwegel Collection: “We are committed to preserving cultural heritage on a daily basis. We do this by taking good care of our four monumental houses, but also by opening them up to important cultural activities for the region. We are delighted that Château Neercanne and Château St. Gerlach are the first locations for the Candlelight concerts in Maastricht. We look forward to using our monumental locations in combination with the special musical entertainment to inspire guests and leave an indelible impression.”

Unlike other Candlelight concerts, these concerts at Oostwegel Collection venues include a drink. Guests can enjoy a drink beforehand in the unique wine cellars of Château Neercanne or in the beautiful St. Gerlach Pavilion. There is also the option to dine with an exclusive menu prior to the concert (with the exception of the first show each evening; that has a dinner option after the show). Tickets for shows in Maastricht are available here.