Marl Caves

Over Marl Caves

An ancient and atmospheric wine cellar

A network of ancient passageways running through the stunning Marl Caves, lead to Château Neercanne’s renowned wine cellar. Providing ideal conditions for wine storage, the cellar has been chiselled out of limestone to create the perfect and most individual backdrop from which to sample some of the carefully chosen vintages. This historic location is made all the more unique by the carved signatures and inscriptions that mark the walls. Everyone from royalty to key European leaders and famous actors has inscribed their mark, adding to the innate character of this venue.


Wijnkelder Château Neercaan
Wijnkelder Château Neercaan

Address information

Von Dopfflaan 10
6213 NG Maastricht
The Netherlands

tel. +31 (0)43 325 1359

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Restaurant near Maastricht

Restaurant Château Neercanne has a rich cultural and culinary tradition. A destination in itself, guests can enjoy an aperitif in the candlelit wine cellar within the Marl Caves, and on warm summer days, dine al fresco on the Terrace overlooking the Jeker countryside.

Restaurant Château Neercanne

Lunch under a vaulted ceiling

Housed in the oldest part of Château Neercanne, l’Auberge, awarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand in 2012, is located in the former chapel. A highly original and atmospheric lunch venue, guests are seated under vaulted ceilings and can enjoy a reasonably priced lunch or choose to stop by for a coffee and choice selection of pastries and cakes.


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