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Château Neercanne opens seven luxury suites in first quarter 2024

Most unique suites in the Netherlands available for reservations starting today

Château Neercanne is in the final stage of developing seven luxuriously furnished suites on the 17th-century estate. These accommodations are located in ‘het Poortgebouw’, where the restaurant L’Auberge is also situated. Combining modern design with the preservation of classical details, the suites decor reflects the history and landscape of the Limburg Jeker Valley. The Amsterdam based interior architect, Roelfien Vos, designed the rooms with great attention to detail. The combination of the design, the historic location and top-level gastronomic hospitality makes these suites the most unique in the Netherlands. Château Neercanne, a member of Relais & Châteaux, will be able to welcome its first guests in the first quarter of 2024. The booking system is now open for reservations.

Located right beside the 2023 Michelin-starred Restaurant Château Neercanne and Michelin Bib Gourmand-awarded L’Auberge, guests of the new suites can enjoy adventurous and delicious cuisine with menus crafted based on the season and the availability of locally sourced ingredients. Camille Oostwegel, Owner and Managing Director of Oostwegel Collection: “A long cherished wish has come true, and we are proud to offer guests not only the exceptional experience we have already provided at Château Neercanne but also the luxury suites to make their stay even more unforgettable.”

An enrichment of the senses

A visit to Château Neercanne promises to enrich all the senses and provides a culinary experience of the highest caliber. It’s a place where class, service, and quality take center stage. Guests embark on a culinary adventure with produce from the on-site garden and local vendors, complemented by exquisite in-house wines. The Château Neercanne team is wholly dedicated to ensuring maximum comfort and anticipatory service, naturally attuned to the needs of every guest. The historic estate offers a range of outstanding options for both business and leisure, making it an ideal hub for wedding guests, grand celebrations, private lunches, corporate gatherings and more.

Contributing to cultural heritage

Staying at Château Neercanne is synonymous with a meaningful stay. The accommodations are nestled within a UNESCO-protected baroque garden with views of the Jeker Valley. In honor of this beautiful natural setting, Château Neercanne donates a percentage of its revenue to Natura 2000. Oostwegel explains: “By staying at Château Neercanne, you become a part of this and contribute to the preservation of this magnificent historic location. So, you can enjoy our hospitality and all that Château Neercanne has to offer while simultaneously giving something back directly.”


With the opening of the suites in the first quarter of 2024, a significant step has been taken in the overall restoration work that began in early 2023. This included extensive maintenance of the slate roofs of both the castle and the gatehouse. Furthermore, the kitchen of L’Auberge had been modernized with the latest kitchen equipment, and it has transitioned to a completely gas-free operation. “After the renovation, we can offer an even higher level of hospitality, and we are making great steps in sustainability and ensuring the future resilience of the beautiful Château Neercanne”, concludes Oostwegel.


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