Wine advice from our sommeliers

Meet Nick and Kaj

Creating a delicious dish or meal at home, but in need of the perfect wine or wine pairing to match?
Our sommeliers are happy to help. Call us to discover our recommendations, which you can then pick up at Kruisherenhotel Maastricht.
Telephone number: +31 43 329 2020

Only card payments are accepted, no cash.

”What we love about our being a sommelier is the ability to enhance the culinary experience with our guests. We explore their taste preferences and make suggestions that combine in perfect harmony with the dishes and flavours from our kitchen. We’re always searching for new possibilities, surprising combinations and food pairings that flow seamlessly together.
Most people know what they like, even if they can’t explain it. Delighting and expanding our guests’ preference is the best part of our job. This journey of discovery, exploring new flavours together, remains the goal.
We aim to open up new flavour horizons by selecting wines guests wouldn’t opt for themselves, such as local wines from the region. The environment around us is becoming increasingly suitable for making fantastic wines. Our guests at Kruisherenhotel come from all over the world and thus it is wonderful to introduce them to wines they can’t find at home. Even our local guests are pleasantly surprised when tasting wines from their own region.
In addition to the lively interaction with the guest, we also have the privilege to sample the latest creations backstage in the kitchen, matching the flavour components with different wines. Certainly not a difficult chore as sommeliers!”

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