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History Winselerhof

Hotel Winselerhof history

Records dating back to 1155 confirm that Winselerhof is one of the oldest farms in the Landgraaf region and was formerly known as Winzeler, derived from the German word “Winzer”, or wine grower. The first recorded owner was Count of Saffenburg, while the last known owners were the Keybets family.

Built from field firebrick, crafted on site and timber frame, Winselerhof originally had a thatched roof that existed until the end of the 19th century. Forming a quadrangle, the buildings housed farm animals in the stables that surrounded the courtyard, alongside the farmer’s residence.

Few changes were evident until 1943 when over mining in the vicinity caused a great deal of damage to the surrounding area leading to the collapse of part of the barn in 1943.

In 1985, having acquired Winselerhof from the municipal council of Kerkrade, Oostwegel Collection began work restoring and refurbishing the farmstead and ultimately converting it into a luxury hotel and restaurant.

King and Queen at Hotel Winselerhof
On 8 October 2015, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima enjoyed an Italian lunch at Hotel Winselerhof before their visit to the former mine region in celebration of the Year of the Mines.

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